Top 10 travel agency in Vietnam


Top 10 travel agency in Vietnam

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In sleepers, your luggage has to be in your room. The latter is not a good idea especially on long distance trains since the meal & drinks trolleys go up and down the carriages frequently. You will see locals boarding trains with large cases or boxes and these usually end up in the passenger's foot well (i.e. they put their feet on top of the case) or in the corridor.

These racks would take a large case on wheels but you will have to lift it up there! Luggage storage is very much restricted to the over-head racks in non-sleeper compartments. Since the railway operator introduced electronic tickets, these agencies will send the official e-tickets issued by Vietnam Agency information Railways as well.

Besides the official ticketing site there are some reputable websites that sell train tickets charging a fee or mark-up for their service. Customers can pay with credit card and receive their e-tickets by email ready for boarding. The website is available in Vietnamese and English.

By the end of 2014, the national railway operator Đường Sắt Việt Nam - DSVN (Vietnam Railways) launched the website to sell tickets online. Longer tours lasting multiple days may also be available from Phnom Penh Check with your accommodation provider or along Sisowath Quay. Through tickets to Siem Reap are also available (US$18), though it is cheaper to buy a ticket to Phnom Penh and then arrange onward transport on one of the many connecting buses.

Below is a catalogue of various experiences at various times. You can apply for a visa for Vietnam in a bewildering variety of places for a varying amount of money and different response times. December to February is the most pleasant time to visit, with cool evenings down to around 20° (68°F).

Mosquitoes are most numerous in the rainy season. Temperatures range from stifling hot before a rainstorm to pleasantly cool afterwards. During the rainy season, downpours can happen every afternoon, and occasional street flooding occurs.

April is the hottest month, with mid-day temperatures of 33°C (91°F) or more most days. The South has three somewhat distinct seasons: hot and dry from March to May/June; rainy from June/July to November; and cool and dry from December to February. Other Christian denominations, Islam, and local religions also share small followings throughout the southern and central areas.

Catholicism is the second largest religion, followed by the local Cao Đài religion. Buddhism, mostly of the Mahayana school, is the single largest religion in Vietnam, with over 85% of Vietnamese people identifying themselves as Buddhist. Like most Communist countries around the world, there is a fine balance between allowing foreign investors and opening up the market.

The economy is much stronger than those of Cambodia, Laos, and other neighbouring developing countries. The policy has proved highly successful, with Vietnam recording near 10% growth yearly (except for a brief interruption during the Asian economic crisis of 1997). After the failures of the state-run economy started to become apparent, the country launched a program of Đổi Mới (renovation), introducing elements of capitalism.
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